Building an Effective Tech Team 101

Building an Effective Tech Team 101

Digital technology is evolving at lightning speed. Having an exceptional IT team on board will not only help your business master the right tools to support operation, but also pioneer new technologies. When it comes to developing a fruitful tech team, however, bringing in all elements (products, services, vendors, and cultures) together might not do so much – without the right people in place. So, how do you form a tech team that will bring you to the forefront? Here are the steps: 

1. Be alert with the challenges 

Focus on the problems to yield the best solutions. Forming a tech team often comes with various challenges, with the skills gaps becoming one of the greatest challenges today. According to Global Knowledge 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report, companies demand a certain set of soft skills from IT leadership, including strong communication, to guide transformation projects that connect with other teams. But, 80 percent of managers in North America and 78 percent of managers worldwide had dealt with IT skills gaps. 

Besides skills gaps, another major issue in forming an effective IT team is group diversity. The workforce is increasingly diverse as Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha are coming to work side by side. Dealing with diverse generations at work, managers are required to not only lead but also create an environment where these diverse minds come together and generate executable ideas. Forbes Technology Council offers solutions for a sharp diversity strategy, which includes: 

  • Stop hiring for cultural fit and hire those with a diverse, powerful set of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Don’t ignore the gap in your team, make a conscious and visible effort while filling a talent gap.
  • Build input “pods” for diverse thinking. 
  • Pay attention to morale. Involve the CEO and COO to lead the change in encouraging diversity in your team, and/or to set a diverse interview target for your recruiting team.
  • Ensure that diversity is part of the core values and policies.

Further, as the technology is improving, so does the policy and governance. Being compliant to these standards ensures an organisation’s IT supports and enables the achievement of the company’s overall strategies and objectives. Yet, the tech team often finds little to no time to discuss such policy and governance changes – making it hard for them to keep up with necessary issues. Thus, it will be wise to hire an additional tech team that focuses on monitoring IT policy and governance to create effective and efficient collaborations within the tech team. 

2. Growth mindset and sharing culture 

Someone with a growth mindset does not let a lack of understanding hold them back. Instead, they will search for opportunities to upskill and take the next step in their career. Growth mindset helps individuals overcome obstacles by learning something new or developing new skills. When your tech team develops a growth mindset, you can have a better time to manage them and create harmonious collaboration. 

Building an effective tech team 101 - tech grid asia

Upon finding failed reCAPTCHA verification failed, someone with a fixed mindset might panic and rumble, “I don’t understand why this doesn’t work, it was fine yesterday”. But they don’t give further notice whether they will fix the problem or not. When trapped in such a situation, those with a growth mindset would quickly acknowledge their skills gap, then find ways to overcome it before even you notice that such a problem exists. 

A growth mindset can be developed and sharpened. So, if your team already possesses a growth mindset, that is good for your team development. Your role as their manager and leader is to help sharpen this mindset, here’s how: 

  • Foster productive struggles – Developing a growth mindset requires taking on and succeeding with challenging tasks. Learning to work through challenges is what ultimately forces confidence and a growth mindset. 
  • Have a rigorous learning program – Ensure the program is high-quality and ask your team to engage in a productive struggle. Lead them to deep thinking, analysis, and perseverance to succeed. 
  • Model growth mindset – Use words that could foster a growth mindset in your team’s consciousness. Such as, “Let’s figure out how to solve this technical problem together and have a drink after that.” Avoid fixed mindset language like,“I’ve never encountered such problems, when you find solutions tell me” or discouraging one like, “How can you not know this problem? What have you done all this time?” 
  • Recognise and give feedback – Offer straight criticism and feedback at the same time. You should also give positive feedback as it can motivate people to keep up their work. 

3. Workflow management 

Workflow is a concept closely related to reengineering and automating business and information processes. A workflow may describe business process tasks at a conceptual level necessary for understanding, evaluating, and redesigning a business process. Workflow management is a technology supporting the reengineering of business and information processes. The purpose of workflow management is to achieve better results according to some set of goals. Principally, the management focuses on the structure of work within some organisation and how teams collaborate to complete a task. 

BPM workflow management is among the popular ones that you can use with your team. BPM (Business Process Management) helps ensure operational business processes run smoothly by combining knowledge from information technology and knowledge from management sciences. 

4. Team-bonding 

With all the required updates in technology, IT teams are often experiencing stress and burnouts. The best way to prevent this is to create a team-bonding initiative, where team members can rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Here are some ideas: 

  • Trivia quizzes – Helping relax the mind, the activity is good for indoor activities that do not require long duration. 
  • Cook-off – A fun challenge by dividing your team into two cooking teams. Shhh, it is said that an IT guy is not good with cooking so let’s see who will win. 
  • Kubb – It is an outdoor activity where you will need to source pieces to play a game of “Viking chess”. You can order the chess online. 
  • Travel – Another great way to relax and bond is to pack all your belongings and travel. Travelling is also known to eliminate stress and shape one person into a better, more well-rounded person. 
  • Visit recreation sites and have fun.

An effective team does not come out of nowhere. You cannot hire people and expect them to collaborate well with one another without training. We hope the above tips can open a way for you to build an effective tech team that can be a real game-changer for your company. 

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